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National Counsel

Comprehensive representation on a national scale

Product and chemical manufacturers and distributors may face similar suits in different jurisdictions and, as such, greatly benefit from a coordinated defense to geographically widespread claims. Such suits are often pursued by plaintiffs’ firms who file “serial” matters and informally align themselves so as to exchange product or defendant-related information.  Our firm has served as national counsel for over twenty years in the defense of our clients in federal and state courts nationwide, and in U.S. territories. Our leveraged and focused industry and technical knowledge translates to fervent and effective advocacy for our clients and, when advantageous, our attorneys form national steering committees and often serve as lead and liaison counsel to control litigation strategy in cases involving large numbers of chemical manufacturers and supplier defendants.

Our track record speaks for itself—we have successfully defended hundreds of exposure claims in more than 30 states, including forums considered to be “plaintiff-friendly,” such as California, Illinois and Pennsylvania.  Despite the volume of individual cases, we have never received an adverse verdict, and have obtained early dismissal on the merits, disqualified opposing experts, and consistently won before and during trial, all the while providing a consistent defense from coast to coast. Our tenacity and reputation has not only driven down the number of filings against our clients but has also created barriers to entry for new lawyers.

Nationwide services while controlling cost

Serial litigation spread nationally poses potentially high costs to a company, especially when multiple firms are tasked with learning the company’s story and product history, reviewing corporate documents, and familiarizing themselves with the complex scientific and medical issues implicated in most catastrophic injury or death cases.  As national counsel, we partner with local counsel to ensure compliance with local rules and practice, while our attorneys provide our clients with one central, well-trained team with a dedicated familiarity with their business, products or chemicals used, along with the scientific and technical knowledge to advise those clients of the risks or liabilities potentially associated with claimed exposures or other alleged injuries.  We develop innovative defenses specific to the jurisdiction, while also maintaining consistency and effectuating economies of scale in drafting pleadings, discovery, and motions, deposing and defending witnesses, and preparing for the best resolution strategy, always with an eye toward trying the case to a jury, if necessary.  We provide the client with both direct perspective as to the immediate issues involved in a particular matter, and a global perspective as to the client’s business and litigation interests, including the potential implications of decisions made in one case on both contemporaneous and future matters.  In other words, utilizing national counsel allows the client to focus its resources on a well-honed, aggressive and effective defense nationwide, rather than the repeat, dangerous and expensive education of multiple attorneys and firms around the country.


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